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5 Easy Steps Toward 'Green' Living

Green House

At Southstar Communities, we pride ourselves in our company-wide green initiatives that work toward improving quality of life for our children and grandchildren. While the concept of "going green" may feel overwhelming at a glance, we understand that small steps make a difference and that individual contribution will lead to an environmentally-responsible future.

To enlighten our friends and family in the community, we've highlighted five easy steps toward green living:

  1. Purchase eco-friendly indoor cleaning supplies- Did you know? All-purpose cleaners commonly cause indoor pollution and allergies. Find an eco-friendly cleaner for your indoor spills that is effective and safe.
  2. Clothe your table in organic - Don't limit yourself just to organic food! Make a statement by decorating your table with eco-friendly cloth.
  3. Recycle- You can recycle appliances, batteries and even ink jet cartridges. Have an old pair of reading glasses? You can recycle those, too!
  4. Give your bathroom a makeover- With a room that houses the shower and toilet, you can bet that this location might need a water consumption overhaul. Invest in low-flow toilets and showerheads to reduce water usage.
  5. The Green Pet- Even your four-legged friend can join in! Explore eco-friendly options that help monitor your pet's diet, skin care and flea treatment.

To learn more about living "green", visit National Geographic's The Green Guide.