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Go 'Green' With Bluegreen

Go Green by Flickr user:bnileshIn a time where most companies are only "talking green", Bluegreen is taking company-wide initiatives to build sustainable communities and improve quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

Our goal? To emerge as the global leader in environmentally responsible land development, where people, wildlife and the local ecosystem can live together in perfect harmony. We believe that this is an investment in our future and will only further our landowners' confidence in their current surroundings.

For example, in Chapel Ridge, a Bluegreen Golf Community in North Carolina, we are certified in three of six categories of the Audubon International's Cooperative Sanctuary for Golf Courses program, aimed to protect the environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf.

We're good neighbors too! Our streetlight shielding reduces upward light pollution and our Reclaimed Water Waste Irrigation system significantly reduces water usage. We also pride ourselves in recycling products comprised of aluminum, glass and plastic.

To find more details on our "green" intiatives, including information on the enhanced wildlife habitat and our newest garden chemical buffers, click here.