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How to Build a Custom Home

Building a Custom Home is a detailed process with many decisions along the road to completion. Builders work side by side with you every step of the way facilitating this process and making it fun and exciting. You should be able to play an active role in the building process and have input at all levels of the design build process. The right builder will make sure that your individual tastes are realized in each phase while closely monitoring your budgetary goals versus your actual costs. The following steps are typical when building a custom home and are for informational purposes only. You should meet and speak with different builders to determine if their philosophy and style of building will work for you.

Site Acquisition - Some buyers meet with a builder having already bought a lot to build on. Others may prefer to meet with a builder prior to putting an offer in on a piece of property. Whichever situation you are in, the builder will work with you to develop your vision.

Site Planning - After a lot is selected, a site plan is developed and the building parameters of your lot are determined with input from you, the Engineer and the Builder. The builder and architect are able to help you design the layout of your house. Things to consider might include the following: the traverse of the sun, natural topography of the land, existing trees, garage placement, and privacy. The builder will discuss each decision with you and the ideal orientation of your home dependent on the priority you put on each of these criteria. In addition, there are neighborhood covenants that must be complied with and our builders are extremely well versed in dealing with covenants and incorporating them into the design process.

Home Design - Once site location and orientation have been established the design of your dream home begins. This process involves you, the Builder, perhaps and Interior Designer, and the Architect. Since every home is unique, our builders work with highly skilled and experienced architects who are very familiar with meeting the needs of the Client, while incorporating unique and artistic details in a home design. The builder will usually first work with a client to create a concept plan before choosing an architect.

Pricing Proposal - The builder will provide a detailed quote on the build job, based on the preliminary drawings and custom features you desire. This quote will outline all of the features, upgrades, materials and allowances that will be included for the proposed price. Don't be surprised that this is a fairly lengthy and detailed document, our builders want to make sure that you get what you want and that they meet your expectations. Often times, the builder will include several allowances, i.e. $5,000 for lighting fixtures or carpet in all bedrooms priced at $23/yd. This level of detail will help ensure that you work within your budget and enable you to accurately determine areas where you might want to spend a little more/less on a custom feature.

Contract - Enter Into a Contract to Build Once the concept plans and the Pricing Proposal are agreed upon. A contract is then executed for building your custom home. At this stage, many buyers enter into a construction-perm financing arrangement to finance the building of their home. If you need more information about financing - one of the brokers at Chapel Ridge Realty would be happy to refer you to an expert in these types of loans.

Approve Final Construction Drawings - Once your vision is approved in the blueprint phase, and building permits are issued, construction commences.

Selection Process - We are confident that you will find the selection process thoroughly organized and carefully documented. You will work with your builder or one of their designers/staff who will guide you through the selection process

Home Construction - Your builder will build your home using the quality materials and work hard towards finishing your home in the most timely and efficient manner possible. During the building process, builders realize you may want to make some changes along the way and they will accommodate these changes, with change orders, as they arise.

Closing - After your home is completed, a time and day is scheduled for a final inspection and for the closing. You can expect quality customer care before, during, and after the construction of your home with our Preferred Builders. Each builder will offer of warranty of your home for a certain length of time and will give you documentation that outlines their warranty.