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5 Great Ways to Use Twitter for Real Estate

Bluegreen has recently joined the twitterati and is now on Twitter as @bluegreenland. What is twitter? Twitter is an easy to use, real-time messaging system for groups and friends. Another way to think of Twitter would be to think of it as a text messaging (or instant messaging) service. You can send short text messages (up to 140 characters) to one person or to many people. Everybody who is "following" your Twitter account can see your messages, except for "direct messages" that you can send and receive from other people who follow your account on Twitter.

twitter1As a real estate developer of beautiful master planned communities in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, Bluegreen is interested in networking with other real estate professionals, land-sellers who own 1,000 acres or more, and, of course, those who might be interested in buying land. But those aren't the only reasons why Bluegreen joined Twitter. Twitter lets you to keep in tune with your peers, your competitors, and real estate industry thought leaders. And you can do this all in real-time. The Twitter search feature allows you to search for what people are talking about; we like to monitor real estate and the real estate hash tag to keep up.

If you're in the real estate business, then you might consider joining Twitter and setting up a Twitter account. Real estate brokers can certainly keep in touch with other agents in real-time, which may be helpful. This is ideal for promoting special offers to the Brokers in your area or as a recruiting tool to push job postings out to your colleagues. Just keep in mind that everything you "post" on Twitter is recorded and generally available to the public.

Generally, we suggest that you start thinking and using Twitter in five ways:

1. An Educational Resource
2. A Networking Resource
3. Keep in Touch with Clients, Others
4. Get Notified of Deals, Specials
5. Keep in Touch with Companies

Start thinking of Twitter as an educational resource. Especially in this economy, things are changing often in our bluegreen-twitter1industry. Certainly from day to day we're seeing changes, but those changes can even happen hour by hour, as well. If there's something that you should know about, most likely your Twitter friends (called "followers" on Twitter) will notify you. Oftentimes, information can flow faster on Twitter than it can from the "normal" news and media sources that we usually get information from. And if you have a general question about something, asking your "followers" can oftentimes get you an answer faster than searching Google for the same information. Remember, it's all in real-time.

Start thinking and using Twitter as a networking resource. Once you set up a Twitter account, first start following us (@bluegreenland) and then head on over to Twitter search and start searching for your keywords (e.g., real estate, #real estate, Realtor, etc.) and start following others. It's helpful to start talking to, responding to, and networking with others in the industry. Networking on Twitter can really be a good thing: You never know when one of your followers or Twitter contacts or a contact of a contact will know someone you're interested in talking to or networking with. Like I've mentioned before, even questions can get answered quickly.

Networking can be great, but you can also keep in touch with your clients (or potential clients) using Twitter. Update your business card so it has your Twitter account ID on it. We're known as "@bluegreenland" on Twitter. Along with your email address and your mobile phone number, add your Twitter ID. It will show that not only are you "hip with the times", if your clients are on Twitter as well then they will probably "follow you" and you can even talk to them via a "DM" (a Direct Message) using Twitter's internal messaging system.

Don't forget to hook your RSS feeds into your Twitter account. If you have a blog, a company website, or another website that has an RSS feed associated with it, you may want to set up a Friendfeed.com account to add those RSS feeds. You can hook your Friendfeed account with your Twitter account. So, when you post something on your blog or on your website (perhaps a new real estate listing?), your Twitter account will automatically be updated with a link to what you post. For example, if your website has real estate listings, and there is an RSS feed of those listings, then you can coordinate that RSS feed with your Twitter account: so it's all seamless and updated in real-time. Twitter isn't the only social networking website that can be updated like this, many others can be coordinated as well, including your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, as well. And for you real estate folks, don't forget about the ActiveRain Network, which now includes a Facebook feed.

If you're someone who has considered buying land or real estate in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, or Tennessee, you might want to make sure that you're following us on Twitter (@bluegreenland) so we can keep you up to date on the latest specials and deals and local happenings: and if you ever have questions, feel free to let us know. We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the real estate buying experience or anything else to do with real estate. And, of course, if you have any questions related to any of the properties we have for sale, free free to ask us. From time to time we'll keep you updated on the latest specials and "deals" that we currently have. As well as any local events and industry-related news to keep you informed of the latest real estate trends, tips and reasons why you deserve to own land. Consider Southstar Communities your online resource for buying land, with Twitter being one of many ways we will deliver to you helpful information about how, where, and why you should buy land.

Keep in touch with the companies that you do business with. Many companies out there (not just Bluegreen), are on Twitter, as well. Twitter is a great place to correspond with the companies that you do business with on a regular basis: and you might even try searching for a company name. Before and even after you do business with a company, see if they're on Twitter: many companies have Twitter accounts.

So, the next time you hear someone mention Twitter, make sure that you have set up an account on Twitter and that you are using it on a regular basis. It really will help your business and your bottom line, especially if you're in the real estate business.