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More Good News for North Carolina!

There was good news for the North Carolina housing market last week! Builder Magazine published a report with the top 15 healthiest housing markets in the United States. North Carolina took 3 spots: Raleigh was #6, Charlotte #13 & Wilmington #14. The study was done in conjunction with Hanley Wood Market Intelligence and identified the healthiest markets as those that are great places to live, either close to the ocean, mountains, or major universities. These also were markets that didn’t experience a huge run-up in prices during the boom and aren’t experiencing rampant deflation during the bust.

Here are some other positive things about North Carolina that make it one of the best states:

CNBC named North Carolina as the #6 state for doing business in 2008. The report said that North Carolina is one of the top 10 states with the best all-around economy, a good transportation system, low cost of living, good quality of life and a good environment for business. Forbes just released the top 10 best housing marketing and top 10 worst housing markets. Charlotte was ranked in the top 10 best housing markets and came in at #3.

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